The Story of French Flower Farm Candles and Bonbon Melts™

and NOW French Spa Salts


      It began with a love of fresh air, fresh herbs and fresh flowers.  Youthful days were spent romping in the surf, playing in orchards or helping in the gardens on the family property.  In college, I studied Chemistry and Biology.  However, it was my part time job as a florist that filled my soul with the scents of carnations, lilies, violets and florists' greens.

     When my husband and I built a home of our own, we planted a large herb garden, fruit trees and the most fragrant lavender and heirloom roses that could be found.  Yet, there were days when the garden could not provide enough fresh greens and flowers to satisfy our desire for fragrance.  Fragrant candles and melts were our answer.

​​     With the help of our son who lived in France for a number of years and his charming wife (both of whom have excellent "noses"), we have developed wonderful, fresh, and unique fragrances.  French Flower Farm Candles and Bonbon Melts™ are lovingly hand-poured every week ~ more often for special orders.  Unlike mass-produced candles, they are never stored in a warehouse.  French Flower Farm Candles and Bonbon Melts™ are meant to be used soon after purchase while at their peak of freshness.  Just like other products fresh from the garden, enjoy soon after purchase.

     At the request of a number of our customers, we have recently added fragrant French Spa Salts.   Please

click on the tab above, "NEW!  French Spa Salts",  for more information.  We absolutely love them and know you will, too!