6 pack Box - boxed like candy bonbons in a darling little gift box with a clear lid.  Wrapped with our perky green polka-dot ribbon.  So fragrant that many of our customers simply remove the lid to perfume a bedside table, powder room or linen drawer.  Cleaner than potpourri and no electricity or open flame to worry about.  Also makes a handy way to carry your favorite fragrance to work with you or when you travel.

Pair with one of our Wall Plug-in Melters for a lovely Hostess Gift, Office Party Gift or a treat for yourself!

$12.00 per box plus shipping and handling.


Bonbon Melts™

(Fragrant Soy / Beeswax Wax Tarts)

Who would have imagined that Wax Tarts could be so pretty?  Our adorable French Flower Farm Bonbon Melts™  are  lightly tinted to help to identify the fragrances.  Three different designs ~ Fleur des Lis, French Flower and French Bee ~ depending on the fragrance.  Each Bonbon Melt™ is a generous 0.65 oz and, when melted, will provide luxurious fragrance for 5 to 7 days.  French FlowerFarm Bonbon Meltsperform beautifully in all brands of melters using 15 watt and 25 watt bulbs.  Use one melt in your 15 watt melter and one or two in your 25 watt melter.