Why are French Flower Farm Candles not colored?

Wax dyes reduce the amount of fragrance that candles can hold.  That is why our candles are left an elegant creamy white.  This allows us to give you maximum fragrance.  Your favorite French Flower Farm Candle scent will never clash with your decor!

Why are Bonbon Melts (TM) tinted?

Since individual melts cannot be labled, we use a small amount of tint and different patterns to help distinguish the fragrances.  In candles, some of the fragrance is consumed by the flame.  With Melts, there is no flame to consume the fragrance.  Our lightly tinted Bonbon Melts (TM) are just as fragrant as our natural-colored candles. 

Do you use wicks with Metal cores?

No.  To keep our candles as natural as possible, we use paper-core, cotton wicks dipped in natural wax.   Each wick is carefully sized for the container to produce the proper size melt pool for maximum fragrance release.