ANTOINETTE - An intoxicating walk in a flower garden filled with roses, lilies, carnations, honeysuckle and an undertone of ivy.  A beautiful floral tribute to the young Marie Antoinette who spent many happy hours in her flower gardens. 

​BELVOIR  (Beautiful View) - NEW this spring!  A lush, refreshing blend of green herbs (basil, chamomile, juniper, mint, sage, thyme) grounded with vetiver and a hint of olive.  Delightful fragrance for a man or a woman.


CHEZ NOUS  (At our house) - Holiday fruits and spices and a crackling fire on the hearth.  Warm as a friendly hug with a kiss on each cheek.  What better way to say "Welcome to our home."

CINDERELLA'S PUMPKIN - Pumpkin, spice and a touch of something very nice.  Ordinary Pumpkin magically transformed into extraordinary as only the French can do!

LA SÉDUISANTE  (The Seductress) - Imagine an intimate picnic in a warm summer oak woodland.  A carpet of moss with wild flowers, orchard fruits and champagne - utterly seductive!

MIGNONETTE  (Little Darling) -  Inspired by a beloved French wildflower.  Soft, innocent and just a little bit flirty.  A blend of violet, green citrus and white orchid.

MYSTÈRE (Mystery) (also available as "MISTLETOE" during the holiday season) - Woodsy evergreen scent topped off with with a kiss of citrus.  Warm, intriguing and mysterious.

NOËL - Holiday spices, cranberries, and orange with hints of juniper.  All the fragrances that say, "Christmas". 

PROVENCE - Fragrant orange trees and juniper spires simmer under a warm blue sky.  Instant transportation to Provence for a relaxing vacation at any time of year. 

REINE DES POIRES (Queen of Pears) -  The delectable fragrance of the rare Comice Pear known in France as the "Queen of Pears".  Juicy pear notes combine with rose, jasmine and champagne. 

VERSAILLES - Exotic, expensive spices once reserved for royalty alone with a touch of the French Framboise berry.   Very rich and indulgent!