​​French Spa Salt

​What can we say but,"Ooo la la"!

Ordinary Bath Salts, Sea Salts (aka Sel de Mer), and "European Bath Salts" contain 94% to 99.9% Sodium Chloride. That is a very important chemical because it is the most common salt in our bodies.  It makes bath water silky and adds sparkle to bath salts.  Many producers of salt bath products claim it will help to detoxify the body. However, it is also the same chemical as ordinary Table Salt.  

French Flower Farm products are never ordinary!

For thousands of years many of the rich and powerful, including Cleopatra, have believed in the health and beauty benefits of bathing in high mineral spas.  We offer you our custom blend of high mineral imported salt, sea salt, fragrance and colorants.  French Spa Salt contains many minerals not found in most bath and spa salts, especially Magnesium.   Every cell in our body requires Magnesium to grow, divide and replace itself with a fresh new cell.   Magnesium is readily absorbed through the skin.  Think of the luxury of bathing in our fragrant, Magnesium rich French Spa Salt!  Even a 20 minute foot bath is glorious.  

Do we love our Spa Salts?  Mais oui!  Here at French Flower Farm, we enjoy our Spa Salts every day. 

Now available in five of our fabulous fragances:


A complete list of packaging options with prices will be available soon.